noun \ə̇nˈträdə, en\ : entry; an expedition; a journey.

Entrada has been our purpose for this journey.

Passion is the fire that lights this journey. Passion for the leaf and it’s history as a form of trade, commerce, pleasure, memories and as an accomplishment by man.

“Respeto de los que vinieron antes de mí.” – Respect for those that came before us. We believe in the farmer, the field hands, the sorters, rollers, blenders and many others who are instrumental in the development and growth of an industry that we are very fortunate to be a part of.


We believe that when purpose, passion and talent are combined they work together and the end result is a masterpiece: Entrada.

“The virtue of a good cigar man is patience,” says Arsenio Ramos, a 4th generation tobacco master. Patience in the hands that first planted the seed in rich Nicaraguan soil and in the workers who carefully tended the fields, harvesting the full, vibrant tobacco plant only at the precise moment when it was ready. Patience in the Casa Fernandez artisans who crafted a blend that hits only the right notes, then rolled it in its wrapper not so it would be good enough, but so it would be perfect.

We only ask that you have the patience to slow down, savor this rich flavorful cigar, and breathe in this moment. Because life is too short to smoke a cigar not worthy of your time.



The Entrada cigar was hand crafted exclusively for Casa de Entrada by Casa Fernandez. Using Cuban seed in their fertile Nicaraguan fields, Entrada is born from over three decades of experience. Entrada was specially blended only for Casa de Entrada by the master himself, Arsenio Ramos.

As a vertically integrated business, Casa Fernandez is able to control every step of the cigar making process ensuring that every time you light up an Entrada, you will get a consistently delightful smoke. From the authentic Cuban-sourced seed, seedlings are transplanted to fields and nurtured by hundreds of skilled tobacconists to harvest. In every inhale of Entrada, you will notice the care and love that went into the production of your cigar.

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